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GMC Birth and Death Certificate

Procedure for getting death or birth certificate

  • Death as well as birth certificate or evidence may be taken from the main civic service office at Municipal Corporation’s chief office.
  • Municipal Corporation is also managing deaths as well as births database from the year of 1967 to present.

Moreover, a birth as well as death certificate or evidence need to be applied by physical present at citizen charter center of municipal corporation of Guntur. The certificate or evidence shall be issued within five working days from the real date of such application. In case, the certificate or evidence document is not granted within this period then Municipal Corporation of Guntur shall pay total amount of INR 50 per day when the provided time is completed.

Information Required to get Birth/Death Certificate

  • Date of Birth/Death
  • Place of Birth/Death
  • Name of Father/Mother/Husband
  • Name of the Applicant with Full Address

Note: Rs. 50/- is Charged for a Birth/Death Certificate and Rs. 10/- for every Extra Copy.

Birth Certificate

Birth Certificate

Death Certificate




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